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Vietnam Public Holidays

There are 6 major public holidays in Vietnam in which some holidays are calculated on a Gregorian calendar and some are on Lunar Calendar. As a result, the date and duration of holidays may vary each year.

What are public holidays in Vietnam

Below is the calendar of the most popular public holidays in Vietnam.

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Vietnam national holidays in brief:

First holiday of the year:
  • New Year Holiday (01 January)
Last holiday of the year:
  • Vietnam National Day (02 September)
Longest holiday duration:
  • Tet Holiday (09 days)
Unofficial holiday observance:
  • There are a few unofficial holidays in Vietnam including: Mid-Autumn Festival (Lunar August, 15th), Vietnamese Teacher's Day (November 20th) and International Women's Day (March 8th).
Number of days off for public holidays (2022)
  • 15 days


List of Upcoming Holidays in Vietnam (2023 and 2024)

YearDatePublic holidaysDayHoliday duration
2023January 1New Year's DaySunday

2 days

(Jan 1 - 2)

January 2New Year HolidayMonday
January 21Lunar New Year (Tet)Saturday

7 days

(Jan 20 - 26)

April 29Hung Kings Commemoration DaySaturday

5 days

(April 29 - May 3)

April 30Reunification DaySunday
May 1Labor DayMonday
May 2Hung Kings Commemoration Day HolidayTuesday
May 3Reunification Day HolidayWednesday
September 2National DaySaturday

2 days

(Sep 2 and 4)

September 4National Day HolidayMonday
2024January 1New Year HolidayMonday1 day
February 9Lunar New Year (Tet)Friday

7 days

(Feb 9 - 15)

April 18Hung Kings Commemoration DayMay1 day
April 30Reunification DayTuesday1 day
May 1Labor DayWednesday1 day
September 2National DayMonday1 day

Among 6 public holidays, Tet Holiday (Lunar New Year) and Hung King Commemoration Day are subject to the Lunar Calendar so these holidays will be different year by year. Meanwhile, the other 4 holidays are specified on a fixed day on the regular calendar, so they are the same yearly.

According to Vietnam’s regulation, if public holidays fall on the weekend, a following day will be added to the holiday duration. If they are on a weekday, citizens are only entitled to public holidays as prescribed.

New Year Holiday

Like in other countries, New Year Holiday is the very first public holiday in Vietnam. It is the first day of January when everyone has a day off to celebrate the new year. There is only one statutory day for this holiday yet it may be added an extra day if it falls on the weekend.

During the New Year Holiday, the most exciting activities are carried out on New Year’s Eve on the night of 31st December. There will be a countdown event and fireworks in big cities such as Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. Before that, travelers have a chance to watch some live music shows, entertainment activities, drone light shows, and more.

On the main holiday day, some choose to visit family while others will have a short trip, meet friends, or have a small celebration. Although New Year's Day January 1 is not the traditional New Year holiday in Vietnam, it is an important mark of the end of the old year and the start of new plans for the upcoming year.

Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday)

Tet or Lunar New Year is the most important and traditional holiday in Vietnam. It often lasts for 7 days but can be extended depending on the decision of the Vietnam Government. Tet Holiday may start from December 28th or 29th until January 5 or 6 in the lunar calendar which can fall from mid-January to mid-February of the solar calendar.

Although the major days of Tet are December 30 (sometimes December 29) and January 1, 2, and 3, everyone is given an early break to prepare for the holiday and additional 1-2 days later to rest and get ready to return to work.

Lunar New Year is the occasion for all Vietnamese to reunite with their families. There are many traditional activities during Tet such as decorating houses with traditional trees, going to pagodas/temples to pray for luck and happiness, visiting relatives, sending offerings to ancestors, giving lucky money, etc.

Hung Kings Commemoration Day

Similar to Tet, Hung Kings Commemoration Day is a great traditional holiday in Vietnam. The festival is celebrated in Phu Tho Province on March 10 in the Lunar Calendar and includes one day off unless it is on weekend. This is the event to commemorate and express gratitude to all Hung Kings - the very first kings who founded the Vietnam nation.

As a symbol of the spirit of great solidarity of the Vietnamese people, the religion of worshiping Hung Kings in Phu Tho was recognized by UNESCO as the representative intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2012.

Reunification Day

April 30th, 1975 is the vital mark of the liberation of Southern Vietnam and the reunification of the country. Since then, April 30th is an official holiday for the Vietnamese people to remember the ancient victory as well as honor heroic martyrs who fought for national independence.

The Reunification Day holiday only lasts 1 day but is always combined with the next holiday Labor Day (May 1st). There will be welcome ceremonies with activities such as singing the National Anthem, military parade, music or dance performance; sports activities to raise solidarity, visits to memorial constructions, etc.

Besides, this is also the time for the Halong Carnaval festival in Quang Ninh province which is renowned for the UNESCO heritage site of Halong Bay. This is a great festival to start the tourism season with many art shows, street dances, and low-range fireworks.

Labor Day

Like all foreign nations, Labor Day in Vietnam is on May 1st every year and will take place in only one day. The event is to honor the labor force and fight for peace, democracy, and social progress.

Since it is right after Reunification Day in Vietnam, this is the occasion for everyone to return to their hometown to visit their families or travel around. Especially, if these two continuous holidays fall on Saturday and Sunday, people will have up to 2 days added to their holiday duration.

This event is one of the peak days for tourism in Vietnam, especially for domestic travelers. Therefore, the travel cost during this time is usually higher to cover the cost of service and bonus for overtime workers/staff.

National Day

On September 2nd, 1945, President Ho Chi Minh read the proclamation giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in Ba Dinh Square (Hanoi Capital). To commemorate a historical milestone in the nation's establishment and defense of the Vietnamese people as well as show respect for the merits of sacrifice of former generations, September 2nd is a vital public holiday in Vietnam yearly.

National Day holiday is celebrated within 1 day with activities such as visiting and sending gifts to heroic Vietnamese mothers and families with meritorious services to the revolution, organizing meaningful works for the community, and welcoming culture and sports activities, etc. Travelers will see Vietnamese flags hanging on all streets and feel the great national pride of every Vietnamese.

Other festivals in Vietnam

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In addition to the major public holidays above, there are some festivals that you should not miss when coming to Vietnam.

DateFestivalsWhat is special?
13th Lunar JanuaryLim FestivalQuan Ho folk singing, folk games, traditional costume and activities. 
15th Lunar JanuaryHuong Pagoda FestivalBoat trip to watch limestone mountains, rice fields, Huong Tich Cave, showing the religious spirit and wishing luck.
15th Lunar JanuaryPhu Giay FestivalFolk songs, traditional games, cultural activities.
3rd Lunar MarchTet Han ThucTo honor ancestors and the merits of the deceased. Activities: making and enjoying rice ball sugar cake (banh troi), and rice ball bean cake (banh chay).
April/May/June every 2 yearsHue FestivalMaintain traditional customs, cultural activities: Ao Dai show (Vietnamese traditional dress), art exhibition, kite flying, etc.
8th Lunar AprilBuddha’s BirthdayBeautifully decorated pagodas, prayer sessions of Buddhists, procession.
15th Lunar JulyWandering Souls DayShow respect to ancestors by going to the pagoda to pray, preparing offerings on the altar, etc.
14th - 15th Lunar AugustMid-Autumn FestivalFamily reunion day, lion dance performance, lantern procession, enjoying full moon cakes,…
Every 14th lunar monthHoi An Lantern FestivalPaper lanterns being held in every corner of Hoi An Ancient Town, electricity replaced by lanterns, taking a boat trip and dropping lanterns on the river to make a wish.

Travel tips when coming to Vietnam on public holidays

  • Make sure all important documents such as passport, visa, approval visa letter,...are handled well in advance of your trip since all government offices will be closed on public holidays.
  • Book hotel accommodations, flight tickets, and local tours in advance to avoid unavailability.
  • Traffic on the road may be heavy, especially on the first and the last day of the holiday, so make sure you spend generous time transferring to avoid the late.
  • Take care of your luggage and valuables, especially in crowds.
  • Most shops and businesses are closed during the Tet holiday, especially on Lunar December 30 and January 1, 2, and 3. Hence, you should check the opening and closing times of the place you want to go to in advance.